n3 Hub Enhances Customer Communication Experiences with CDP Orchestrator

n3 Hub Orchestrator

At n3 Hub, we are a leader in marketing automation and data analytics, and are thrilled to launch n3 Hub CDP Orchestrator.

Designed to extend the capabilities of our industry-leading Customer Data Platform (CDP), Orchestrator ensures the right data is activated in the right communication channels at the right time.

n3 Hub CDP Orchestrator sits on top of a company’s existing martech stack and enhances it without the need for extensive technical changes,” says Sara Brown, Australian Business Manager, n3 Hub.  “It allows marketing teams to connect with their audiences in real time, triggering personalised experiences that captivate and convert.”

Our CDP centralises an organisation’s marketing data in a single place where it can be segmented into campaign-specific audiences and shared with experience platforms as required.  Orchestrator puts cross channel orchestration at your fingertips and ensures audiences get the right message across different platforms such as Facebook, Google, email, websites, mobile, apps, print and SMS services.

Improved visibility

Our n3 Hub CDP Orchestrator provides businesses with unparalleled visibility into all their marketing activities. By delivering a single customer view (SCV), Orchestrator enables marketing teams to easily track and understand the impact of campaigns and make informed decisions about future strategies.

Teams also have the freedom to easily modify and update marketing automation and communications across all channels. There is no longer a need to switch between multiple channels as everything can be managed from a single place.

Orchestrator also enables faster deployment of marketing automation and flows,” said Brown. “With more than 50 ready-to-use commands and a user-friendly interface, they can be deployed up to 50 per cent faster than was previously possible.”

Faster ROI

Our n3 Hub Orchestrator also delivers a significantly better return on investment (ROI) when compared with similar technologies. It is simple to implement and ensures marketing teams will see results quickly. ROI can be further improved by taking advantage of Orchestrator’s dedicated support teams based in Australia and New Zealand.

Orchestrator also enables organisations to maximise the value of their existing technology stacks as complexity can be reduced and risks minimised. The result is more flexible campaigns that generate improved results.

Multiple use cases

Marketing teams can put n3 Hub Orchestrator to work in a variety of innovative ways with each delivering significant business benefits:

  • Real-time communication: Teams can trigger real-time messaging based on predetermined events, behaviours, or schedules. This will drive improved conversions through the timely delivery of personalised materials.
  • Audience orchestration: Using Orchestrator, marketing teams can create complex journeys and experiences that elevate customer interaction.
  • Cross-platform content management: Teams can streamline and unify content management across multiple marketing and experience platforms. They can also maintain consistency and comply with regulations by pushing updates in real time.
  • Consolidated campaign reports: Orchestrator also allows the creation of comprehensive customer profiles through the consolidation of all communications and interactions. This ensures campaign reports are accurate and can be used to identify future opportunities.

With Orchestrator in place, businesses will be best placed to maximise the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and create an enjoyable and rewarding experience for their customers,” said Brown. “By extending the power and capability of n3Hub CDP, Orchestrator will quickly become a valued addition to the marketing portfolio.”

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