Bespoke reporting and business dashboards

With the n3 Hub CDP bringing all your customer data together in one place, you can easily create bespoke reporting and dashboards for your business or department.

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Uncover powerful insights to drive results

With n3 Hub you can build end-to-end customer analytics and quickly drill-down into the data to make informed decisions. Leveraging the power of Grafana, we can create reporting and dashboards for your team as part of your deployment. We will work closely with you, uncovering powerful insights and delivering reports that provide you with valuable learnings that will drive results to your business.

Screenshot of a reporting dashboard on the n3 Hub, showing email analytics

Above: Custom email analytics dashboard created with the n3 Hub CDP

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Control & visibility of your data

Our team of data scientists, based in Australia and New Zealand, will work with you to create bespoke reporting and dashboards to uncover customer trends and insights that will drive business outcomes.

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Flexibility to meet your needs

Once your reporting has been set up in the n3 Hub CDP, you can automate it or use the self-service reporting features on the user interface or with free-form tables.

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Uncover insights

Find new trends or insights from your customers with dashboards that identify opportunities or threats. Use this data to make informed business decisions that drive growth and reduce churn.

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