We can manage your platforms while you focus on the big picture

n3 Hub’s Marketing Operations teams in Australia and New Zealand can deploy and manage a wide range of marketing platforms for your business. We take the pressure off your team so you can focus on strategy and planning.

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Our expert local team

Our team are based in Australia and New Zealand and are marketing and technology experts, with vast experience deploying and managing different marketing platforms including our own CDP.

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Maximise your marketing tech

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Marketing automation platforms

Streamline and optimise your marketing efforts by letting us manage your marketing automation platform. Use our extensive experience across multiple platforms to maximise your results.

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Tag managers

Our team can set up third-party analytics tools and conversion pixels and help you gain deeper insights into user behaviour and make data-driven decisions.

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Analytics platforms

Uncover actionable user behaviour, conversions, and ROI data to optimise your marketing strategies and maximise business growth. Our team will set up and manage your analytics platforms for you, effeciently and effectively.

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DMPs (Data Management Platforms)

Leverage our expert team’s understanding of DMPs to deliver personalised experiences, optimised targeting, and higher engagement.

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n3 Hub Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Our teams are skilled in a number of different marketing platforms as well as our own CDP. Let us help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Meet your marketing goals more effectively

Tag Managers to enable tailored experiences

The customers that come to our client’s website need to be targeted across paid media platforms based on specific actions they take on the client’s website.

We used tag managers to tag the specific events and send across the details to paid media platforms such as Meta and Google enabling our client to target those customers with relevant information, increasing conversions.

Web personalisation

Our client wanted to target specific customers with a specific message.

Our CDP created a first party audience of all such customers and pushed them to the targeting tool. We set up a personalised campaign for all those eligible customers to show them a personalised banner on the homepage of the website as soon as they landed there. This improved targeting and messaging improved ROI and results of the campaign.

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