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Is your agency ready for the changing digital marketing landscape?

With increased privacy and security requirements, and the end of 3rd party cookies and DMPs, it’s time for a new approach to engage the audience.

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Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and 1st-party data are the way of the future

n3 Hub can enhance an agency’s strategic positioning by offering a cost-effective solution to the end of 3rd Party cookies and the need for a 1st Party data solution.

With A Customer Data Platform you can:

  • Build a Single View of the Customers (SVC) that delivers the insights and data you need to build successful campaigns 
  • Run campaigns that leverage 1st party data to drive paid media campaigns (lookalike & match), effectively replacing DMPs and 3rd Party cookies. 
  • Personalise emails and other communications based on your customer profiles and preferences, creating meaningful customer experiences. 
  • Build segments and test creative options and personalisation, resulting in significant improvements in campaign success. 
  • Help your clients build a solid business case for a full CDP implementation with demonstrated ROI. 
  • Reduce digital advertising costs and CPC by better targeting and removing customers from selected acquisition and engagement campaigns—imagine up to a 30% decrease in CPC! 
  • Reduce churn, improve conversion and build loyalty by delivering the right message to the right person at the right time in the right channel. 

Agency Partnership Model

At n3 Hub, we support you to find the right partnership model to suit your agency.

Referral Partner

Referrals from the agency to n3 Hub.

Agency Partnership

  1. Collaborative approach to selling n3 Hub’s CDP
  2. Proof of Concept CDP as a Service (CaaS) to leverage client’s 1st party data.

Integration, Implementation and Support Partner

Full service: Selling, implementation and support of n3 Hub’s CDP.