Highly personalised, real-time customer journeys

The n3 Hub Customer Data Platform allows you to pull all the data you need into one place, from multiple sources. Your Single Customer View lets you create segments within the CDP to develop highly personalised, real-time customer journeys.

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Why choose n3 Hub’s CDP?

The n3 Hub CDP allows you to create audience segments, sharing them with your other marketing platforms to quickly and easily drive highly targeted, relevant marketing campaigns and journeys. You can achieve more advanced segmentation by creating custom attributes, derived from any data in your single customer view.

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Draw data from multiple sources and formats to create a single marketing view of the customer, including first, second, and third-party sources, as well as offline and online sources.

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Visualise individual customer or groups in a single view, and set rules and algorithms to create new customer insights and marketing opportunities.

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Create, edit and remove segments to target individual customers with the right message, at the right time, through the right channel.

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Share your segments, attributes and customer data with your existing marketing tools to run multi-channel campaigns.

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Bring your customer data, including spend and behaviour attribution, back into the Hub as part of a feedback loop for attribution reporting and ROI.

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Automate key campaign management processes, including the first 90 days on-boarding journey and product renewals.

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Activate your first party data

Most businesses collect a lot of first party data, and in return customers expect highly personalised experiences. Our CDP enable you to deliver this in a compliant and respectful way.

The n3 Hub CDP provides a single, secure place to store, segment and share your first party customer data with advertising platforms, meeting your privacy compliance requirements while enabling cross-channel and cross-site personalisation.

Use segmentation for efficiencies and opportunities

Optimise paid media spend

Measure outcomes attributed to your paid media activities using the the n3 Hub CDP. This allows you to better utilise your first party data and be more targeted in your paid media spend, by suppressing or including customer segments.

Real-time or scheduled segmentation

Enjoy the flexibility to create segments in real-time, or to schedule them based on your customer journey. With the n3 Hub CDP there’s no more waiting for batches or syncs — you can deliver true real-time experiences for your customers.

Identify at-risk customers or opportunities

Analyse your data to quickly identify at risk customers or opportunities to cross-sell. With the n3 Hub CDP, you can build segments, reporting and triggers to reduce churn and improve your share of wallet.

Enable compliance

Set up your own rules around what communications and messages your customers receive, based on their behaviours or customer journey. The n3 Hub CDP allows the rules to be updated in real-time, to ensure you meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

Screenshot of the n3 Hub interface, showing Segment workings

Screenshot of the n3 Hub interface, showing Segment workings

Third-party integrations

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