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n3 Hub is a leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) provider. We’re here to empower health providers flourish in the digital era. Our secure and regulation-compliant CDP unleashes the boundless potential of data, enabling you to create personalised experiences while meeting regulatory requirements.

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“n3 Hub enables us to provide personalised communication with our customers in real-time across the channels of their choice… ROI was achieved, so working with n3 Hub is a no-brainer. They make the complex simple. I recommend n3 Hub to any marketing team, they’re experts.”

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Build a Single Client View

Healthcare organisations handle vast amounts of complex data. n3 Hub’s CDP tackles these complexities, harmonising data, breaking down silos, and providing a Single Client or Patient View for better decision-making.

Seamless omni-channel engagement

We understand that there is a wide mix of marketing technology tools. Our CDP seamlessly integrates with your existing marketing stack. Whether you use CRM, email marketing, apps, or campaign management tools, n3 Hub’s CDP integrates to power your omnichannel marketing strategy.

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Local support on hand

We understand that your organisation will have its own unique challenges. Our experts provide local support to overcome hurdles, develop customised solutions, and ensure seamless integration into your existing infrastructure. With n3 Hub, you’ll have access to our team of experts based in Australia and New Zealand.

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Enhanced security

Safeguard your valuable customer data with our state-of-the-art security measures, available in both on-premise and cloud options.

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Trustworthy certification

Our ISO and SOC 2 Type II certification ensures the highest data management standards, providing integrity and reliability.

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Digital transformation without complexity

Easily integrate our CDP with complex and legacy systems, unlocking the full potential of your existing infrastructure without the need for a complete overhaul.

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Data-driven marketing

Bid farewell to manual segmentation and embrace targeted, data-driven marketing that reaches the right audience at the right time.

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Real-time personalisation

Engage your clients or patients with personalised messages delivered in real-time across the most effective channels, ensuring exceptional experiences.


Maximise paid media efficiency and ROI

The imminent changes to data privacy regulations and the decline of 3rd party data pose challenges for organisations. Our platform empowers you to capture and utilise 1st party data, reducing your reliance on 3rd party data sources. Gain control and build long-lasting relationships with your clients and patients.



Consent compliance and maximising paid media spend is an area of focus for our banking client. They were experiencing a drop in the effectiveness of 3rd party data and believed there was a better way.


The n3 Hub CDP now enables them to collect highly detailed and accurate 1st party data from the entire journey, and then use that data to create effective paid media audiences.


Following implementation, the Cost Per Click for campaigns was reduced by 35%, and conversion rates improved significantly to maximise campaign efficiency and ROI.


Real-time decision making to improve customer experience

With real-time communications you can keep your clients or patients updated while also ensuring you met regulatory requirements.

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With millions of customers and multiple channels and touchpoints, our client wanted to unify their customer data while delivering a seamless customer experience. They knew it was essential to deliver the right messages at the right time, via the right channels.


All of our client’s communications, including its Voice of the Customer Programme, are now driven out of the n3 Hub CDP, enabling immediate communications. For example, if a customer visits a branch or is contacted by a call centre, they instantly receive a survey via their preferred channel.


Our client has seen a 25% increase in their Needs Met Score, a 25% reduction in customer churn and a 12% reduction in customer complaints following CDP implementation, due to improved response rates and the ability to rectify issues quickly.

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