n3 Hub CDP: The ultimate solution for marketing teams

As a marketing team, you know that extracting quality data can be a challenge. That’s where n3 Hub’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) comes in.

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Everything you need, all in one place

Our market-leading CDP and deployment services provide you with a Single Customer View (SCV) that combines all your data sources, making it easy to create targeted campaigns and make faster, more informed decisions.

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Seamlessly orchestrate all your marketing activities with our powerful cross-channel capabilities. Drive consistent and cohesive customer experiences, informed by analytics and performance metrics, to boost engagement, loyalty and sales.

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Bring all your offline and online data from multiple sources into one place and create a Single Customer View. With our open data structure, you have the flexibility to bring together disparate data and build segments, activating your first party data for better targeting and conversion.

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Our n3 Hub CDP integrates with a range of platforms and data sources to give you a full view of your data. Once in the CDP, decisioning, identification, compliance and custom messaging occur specific to your business and requirements. Segments are then pushed out to platforms in real-time or scheduled events.

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As part of your deployment, we set up bespoke reporting for you, so you can accurately measure the results that matter to your organisation or department. With all your data in one place, we can provide you with flexible and insightful analytics.

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Find your perfect fit

The n3 Hub CDP is designed to work with your business. It’s enterprise ready and can be installed on premise (cloud or data centre), or used as a service.

The n3 Hub CDP supports a wide range of standard integrations and, using its intuitive online interface, can be quickly configured to draw and process data from a huge range of sources.

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All your data in one place

With the n3 Hub CDP, all your data is in one place, creating a single source of truth.

  • You maintain full control and ownership of your data
  • Legacy and proprietary data can be easily ingested into the CDP
  • Have the flexibility to draw data from virtually anywhere and share segments to any marketing platform
  • Data is cleaned as it is ingested by the CPD, with inputs standardised to match customers based on your customer identifiers
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Flexibility meets simplicity

The n3 Hub CDP has the flexibility to draw data from virtually anywhere and share segments to any marketing platform.

  • Highly customisable and flexible to respect your business rules
  • Makes it easier to comply with EU GDPR and protect PII
  • Our CDP is platform agnostic, so you can enhance your preferred tools and avoid Marketing Cloud lock-in
  • Based on your regulatory and business requirements, your data can be stored indefinitely and can be ingested into our CPD without loss

Use your customer data more effectively

Single Customer View

Disconnected customer data often leads to wasted time and money on non-convertible targets.

The n3 Hub CDP makes it easy to create a Single Customer View (SCV) that combines all your data sources, making it easy to identify the data you need to optimise conversion. Your first party data is hashed and segments can be pushed to advertising platforms, excluding or including contacts with specific messaging.

Activate your first-party data

Most businesses collect a lot of first party data, and customers expect highly personalised experiences in return. The n3 Hub CDP enables you to do it in a compliant and respectful way.

The n3 Hub CDP provides a secure place to store, segment and share your first party customer data with advertising platforms, meeting your privacy compliance requirements while enabling cross-channel and cross-site personalisation.

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