All your customer journeys on all your platforms, all in one place

Orchestrator is an extension to the n3 Hub CDP. It makes sure the right data gets to the right platform at the right time.

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Making the complex simple

The n3 Hub CDP centralises all of your marketing data requirements in one place. From here, you can segment it into campaign specific audiences and share with platforms that need it, to suit to your customers’ preferences and behaviours.

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Enhancing your stack

Orchestrator sits on top of your existing MarTech stack, enhancing it without the need for major changes.

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Multi-platform journeys

Orchestrator gets your audiences to and from your different platforms including Facebook, Google, email marketing, apps, SMS, websites, and more.

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Complexity made easy

With Orchestrator, you can create complex rules and journeys for your business quickly and easily.

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Stay focused

You can streamline your audience activation with Orchestrator, putting all your focus into effective orchestration.

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Real-time connections

Orchestrator connects with your audience in real time, delivering personalised experiences that captivate and convert.

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Rapid campaign deployment

Create and deliver campaigns faster with Orchestrator’s suite of pre-built commands and its user-friendly interface.

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Deliver results with orchestrated cross-channel journeys

Target your customers with highly personalised messages at the right time, in the right place, to drive better conversion and loyalty.


faster campaign and communications set up


lift in customer spend


reduction in ad spend


higher engagement

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Embrace total control with streamlined management

Take control of your marketing efforts with a single platform. Bringing everything together eliminates fragmentation and enables streamlined management, so you can see better results.

Photo of a smiling person looking at the camera. To the left of the person, there are data attributes/tags which are "New parent", "42 years old", and "Shopping for SUV".

Gain unparalleled visibility with a Single Customer View

Orchestrator provides complete visibility, giving you a clear view of all marketing activities without any hidden information. With a Single Customer View, you can easily track and understand what’s happening and make informed decisions about your marketing strategies.

Marketing channel icons: Adobe Campaign, Google Ads, Mailchimp, Facebook

Unleash flexibility across all your channels

You have the freedom to easily modify and update your marketing automation and communications across all channels, including email, SMS, direct mail, website, and app. No need to switch between multiple platforms — now you can manage and optimise everything in one convenient place.

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Rapid deployment

Orchestrator enables faster deployment of marketing automation and flows. With over 50 ready-to-use commands and a user-friendly interface, you can set them up 50% faster than before. Plus, you have the flexibility to create custom commands and design the desired flows easily.

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Accelerated ROI

Deliver fast ROI compared to other technologies. Orchestrator is simple and quick to implement, ensuring you start seeing results straight away. Our full-service support helps maximise your investment and achieve your goals swiftly, thanks to our efficient and dedicated support team based in Australia and New Zealand.

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Reduced risk

Orchestrator allows you to simplify and minimise risk. Eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming digital transformations, enabling your existing technologies to work as intended at only 10% of the cost. Optimise your marketing operations without putting all your eggs in one basket and maximise the value of your current technology stack.

Put Orchestrator to work across your platforms

Audience orchestration

Elevate customer interaction with complex journeys and real-time experiences. Seamlessly guide your audiences to all your platforms including Facebook, Google, emails, apps, SMS and websites.

Real-time communications

Trigger real-time messaging based on events, behaviours, or schedules. Ensure compliance and drive better conversions as you deliver timely and personalised messages to your customers.

Consent Management across platforms

Streamline and unify Consent Management across your Marketing and Experience Platforms effortlessly. Maintain consistency and comply with the latest regulations by pushing updates in real-time.

Consolidated campaign reporting

Create a comprehensive customer profile with real-time insights by consolidating all communications, behaviours, and interactions. Automate reports to uncover opportunities or at-risk customers.

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