8 Reasons Why You Need Marketing Operations to Help Your Business

You might have heard of dev ops and special ops, but it’s possible the term ‘marketing ops’ hasn’t yet crossed your radar. Here, with the help of n3 Hub CTO Damian Williams, we take a detailed look at this newly-created employment niche and how it can be filled.

What is marketing operations?

Marketing operations (MOps) is a term that’s relatively new to Australia and New Zealand. It describes a hybrid role that sits between traditional marketing and IT. In short, market ops
is in charge of the technology and processes required by a modern, data-driven marketing department that works with a large multi-faceted customer base; it’s the engine that drives marketing results in medium-to-large businesses.

Marketing ops is the intersection between the marketing team and the IT/data team. It provides the development expertise required to drive complex technology and the specialised skill set required to support CX-driven personalised marketing campaigns.

Find out more: Download the full Whitepaper: Marketing ops – what is it and why do you need it?


8 Reasons Why You Need A Marketing Ops Resource

Providing your marketing department with access to a marketing ops resource has the power to positively impact your sales pipeline, brand, customer acquisition/retention rates and revenue. It also has the potential to improve job satisfaction within your marketing team, because their days of technical frustration are over.

1. Valuable input for project planning:

The planning required to execute marketing strategy (campaign planning, budget setting, execution and performance review) should include your marketing ops person. This is especially important if you have separate marketing teams for brand, email, SEO, social media and events. Marketing ops can become the glue that ensures everything works together.

2. Efficient management of marketing processes

Marketing ops can help the marketing department operate in a more time-efficient and streamlined way by creating systems and protocols that everyone must follow. Having robust processes in place prevents people from ‘just winging it’, which exposes your organisation to all kinds of risks.

3. Choosing and running the marketing technology infrastructure
A true marketing ops specialist can manage multiple marketing platforms, including your website, eCommerce solution, review and approval software, and content management systems. They can also oversee the placement and analytics technology for Adwords and social media.

4. Establishing, managing and updating marketing technology infrastructure
Another important role for marketing ops is evaluating and making selections from the evolving marketing tech landscape, which now offers thousands of solutions.

5. Measuring and analysing results for continuous improvement
To ensure every campaign is a learning exercise that contributes to the success of the next campaign, marketing ops check the analytics, reporting and team dashboards to audit the effectiveness of each channel for every campaign. They can also report on the overall performance of the entire marketing programme.

6. Ensuring all activities are brand compliant
Ensuring brand compliance across all marketing channels is essential for maintaining the integrity of visual, audio and text brand assets. Brand recognition requires customers to get to know a brand on a personal level, and consistency is required to build trust and loyalty.
To keep your brand intact, marketing ops can manage the review and approval process for all marketing materials and initiatives. This brand supervision can extend to regulatory laws that protect consumers from misleading offers and unsupported claims. The fines associated with breaches of the Fair Trading and Consumer Guarantees Acts can be significant.

7. Supporting optimal performance of marketing team members
Marketing ops can support the systems and processes that enable members of the marketing team to excel. Marketers can use their time more efficiently and effectively when they’re not trying to fathom the technical minefield of permissions, conversational marketing, user data, forms and email operations.

8. Providing analysis without spin
If you prefer your own version of the truth, rather than analysis and reports that have been twisted or spun to support certain conclusions, marketing ops can be your go-to resource for honest results reporting and analysis.


n3 Hub – a purpose-built marketing operations solution

n3 Hub is a specialised marketing operation service provider; one of only a handful in Australasia. We work collaboratively with in-house marketing departments and external marketing agencies, which are primarily focused on the strategic and creative aspects of marketing communications. Our offering includes:

• Marketing technology training and support for in-house teams
• Campaign management: including build, execution, reporting and optimisation
• Data acquisition, analysis and reporting
• Marketing workflow consultancy, recommendation and implementation
• Marketing technology solution development and deployment

In New Zealand and Australia, n3 Hub is recognised as a leading provider of marketing ops services. Get in touch today and see how we can help you.

Find out more: Download the full Whitepaper: Marketing ops – what is it and why do you need it?