New Feature Release: March 2022

Our team have been making some great enhancements to our Customer Data Platform. The latest updates provide further integration enhancements and options to our Clients.
Learn more about our Facebook & Google updates and Redis Streaming Importer below.

Facebook & Google Conversions – Data Exporter

n3 Hub’s Customer Data Platform can now upload offline and online conversions using the Google and Facebook published API to help with paid media targeting.

Use Case: Client A will export and upload online conversions (form submissions by existing customers) to their Facebook Business, and Google Ad accounts for their targeting algorithms to find targets like those that have converted. This information also drives their attribution reporting.

Redis – Streaming Importer

This update allows the n3 Hub CDP to ingest data directly from a Redis queue to store and/or use it to trigger real-time messages sent from Adobe Campaign.

This builds upon the Kafka Streaming Importer we added in Release 6.1

Use Case: Client B triggers in a real-time message from a real-time streaming data source that is used to trigger Adobe Campaign to send a real- time email, SMS or Push Notification to a specific customer

To request a demo of the n3 Hub CDP today, enquire here.