What to Look Out for in 2022 in Marketing and Digital Marketing

We’ve done the research for you and found three marketing and digital trends you need to be watching in 2022.

1. More digital transactions1

While consumers had already started to pay more person to person, the COVID19 pandemic supercharged this trend. The research has shown that when users spend more time on digital platforms, they are also more likely to transact digitally.

For example;
“In 2020, PayPal volume payment growth was up a record 31% and that’s not slowing any time soon. PayPal projects a similar increase, of about 30%, in 2021. And it’s not just PayPal, payments and social media continue to converge through the rise of other platforms such as Venmo and Zelle. In Q3 2021, Zelle processed $127 billion on 466 million transactions“.

It is not just consumers who transact more online but also small to large businesses. Ensuring your organisation has a focus on digital transactions and improving its Customer Experience should remain an ongoing and long-term strategy.

2. Privacy Regulation1

As Big Tech starts to phase out and implement new privacy restrictions, marketers need to be aware of how this will impact the way they target their customers online.

  • Apple has introduced a pop-up asking users for permission to be tracked by apps on their iPhones
  • Facebook is currently working on a way to advertise without using personal data
  • Google will no longer support third party cookies by 2023

With many other platforms expected to follow this focus on privacy, it will have implications and limitations on what is possible.

Customer Data Platforms are a way to utilise first-party data across multiple channels while still meeting privacy regulations, which will lessen the impact on advertising efforts for marketers.

3. Experience is the new currency2

With more and more shoppers going online to purchase and to research brands and goods and services, businesses need to create seamless and consistent experiences and messaging.

The term ROBIS (Research Online, Buy In-Store), also known as ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline), reflects this change in purchasing behaviour of consumers. Many customers still want that in-store experience and the emotional connection with brands; however, they spend more time online through social channels and websites to understand, research, and connect with the brand before purchasing. 

Knowing this, and ensuring your brand creates a consistent and unique experience can drive sales growth and increase customer loyalty.

The n3 Hub CDP delivers marketing and CX utopia by bringing customer data, point of sale, offers, sentiment and product information together to easily access and share Single Customer View. It generates segments and allows relevant, consistent and personalised content for each customer that can be shared over various channels using your existing marketing platforms.

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