n3 Hub’s High Information Security Standards Endorsed with ISO27001 Accreditation

n3 Hub is proud to announce that it has achieved ISO27001, one of the most recognised international standards in information security management, accreditation from the British Standards Institute (BSI).

The ISO27001 standard is an internationally recognised best practice framework for the secure management of information. The accreditation is awarded to businesses with internal processes and procedures independently verified as following international best practices for securing information.

n3 Hub Chief Technology Officer Damian Williams says, “achieving ISO27001 accreditation is a further assurance for our customers that any information that they share with us is managed securely and according to international best practice.”

n3 Hub specialises in helping highly regulated industries like financial services create and operate fully compliant customer communication solutions that enable them to deliver relevant and fully compliant personalised customer communications to their customers.

In the following comments, Damian highlights the significance of achieving this accreditation, covering both n3 Hub’s Australian and New Zealand operations.

Why did n3 Hub apply for an ISO accreditation?
We have always prided ourselves on our information security policies and procedures. Achieving ISO27001 certification provides independent recognition that n3 Hub’s approach aligns with international best practices.

What did it involve? What does it take to become ISO accredited?
To achieve this demanding accreditation, we first had to review our internal information security policies and procedures to align them with the standard and address any gaps. Once we completed this stage, we undertook an internal audit to ensure we were ready for an independent certification audit. Following this, we underwent two separate external audits with an international auditor from the BSI. This covered both the documentation and implementation of n3 Hub’s information security policies and processes.
What does accreditation mean for our customers?
We have continuously operated to very high standards, and now those standards have been independently verified by an internationally respected accreditation body. This gives our customers even more confidence that the processes and procedures n3 Hub uses to secure the data they entrust us with meets the highest internationally recognised standards.

What key areas are a continued focus area for the n3 Hub team to ensure that we remain ISO accredited?
n3 Hub’s continuous focus is on ensuring that we handle the data that our clients entrust us in a way that ensures its security, integrity and availability. We will continue to employ independent auditors to ensure that we continue to operate against our certified processes and policies. We also have adopted a continuous improvement process to rapidly identify and react to the threats to the environments in which we operate.