Getting Up to Speed on Feed Management

Typing in Google search bar

If you search tinned peaches on google, you’re likely to be presented with many recommendations on the best price on tinned peaches in town and you’re a click away from adding them to your shopping cart.

This is the art of digital feed management, where relevant products can be served to potential customers with the intent to buy quickly and efficiently. In the world of e-commerce, it’s an essential tool to get your products in front of the right audience, ahead of your competitors, at the right time (when they’re searching with intent to buy).

Feed Management describes the generation and management of data feeds, often from many different sources, to provide additional data alongside your audiences and segments, whether for specific products or services, to enhance your messaging. When you combine product data and targeted audiences and feed them into paid media integrations like Google Adwords and social shopping networks, it is possible to deploy highly targeted and relevant messaging to your customers.

A host of apps now offering this service, like Feedonomics and Foxy Feeds, to help you plug product feeds to google and social shopping networks. Despite having cool names, this just adds another layer to your martech stack to service a specific need.

This was the challenge of a number of our clients, which led the team to develop an integrated feed management solution to our n3 Hub CDP. If you’re in the retail, e-commerce space this is an area you need to be owning to make sure your intentional search audience and custom audiences are serving potential customers the right products at the right time.
The best bit is that marketeers can do it on their own, via our CDP, without the help of the specialist data team or a third-party app.

Providing separate data information can be a manual and time-consuming process, especially when dealing with extensive product inventories. The n3 Hub CDP can consolidate all your product data and customer data and then serve it directly into Google and Facebook to help support your paid media campaigns.

Another use case for this capability is dynamic content paid media campaigns, both targeted and untargeted. In this case, the n3 Hub CDP can generate both the first party derived custom audiences for the paid media campaign and the dynamic content feeds. Because it has out of the box integrations to both the audience and content APIs of the most common paid media platforms, the n3 Hub CDP provides marketers with one-stop for all the data they need to power richer more engaging media advertising.

With the n3 Hub CDP’s advanced integration and data sharing capabilities coupled with its out-of-the-box integrations, marketers can obtain all of the data that they need to power even their most complex campaigns.


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