Marketing ops – what is it and why do you need it?

You might have heard of dev ops and special ops, but it’s possible the term ‘marketing ops’ hasn’t yet crossed your radar. Here, with the help of n3 Hub CTO Damian Williams, we take a detailed look at this newly-created employment niche and how it can be filled.

What is marketing operations?

Marketing operations (MOps) is a term that’s relatively new to Australia and New Zealand. It describes a hybrid role that sits between traditional marketing and IT. In short, market ops is in charge of the technology and processes required by a modern, data-driven marketing department that works with a large multi-faceted customer base; it’s the engine that drives marketing results in medium-to-large businesses.

Marketing ops is the intersection between the marketing team and the IT/data team. It provides the development expertise required to drive complex technology and the specialised skill set required to support CX-driven personalised marketing campaigns.

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