Single Customer View

Bring all your customer data to one place to run powerful, multi-channel campaigns.

Imagine being able to bring all your data into one place? The data that has always been too hard to reach or bring together from legacy systems, social, google, POS, CRM and more. How much richer and meaningful would your marketing efforts be? We call it a single customer view.

Having a single view of all your marketing data reduces campaign delivery times, improves communication consistency, and enables your data to be leveraged faster and easier. Not only that – it means you can understand your customers more and improve their overall experience.

The n3 Hub Customer Data Platform brings together all your marketing data sources into a single view, which can be easily segmented and shared with other marketing platforms to run your campaigns.

n3 Hub’s CDP in use

Highly regulated industry with data in legacy system


Our customer had legacy systems that were hugely complex and have very strict regulatory requirements in how they manage their customer data.

There was a huge amount of data in various places, completely siloed from marketing. They were unable to get a clear understanding of their customers.


By implementing our Customer Data Platform, the marketing team could quickly access their data.

All the disparate data was brought into one place – the CDP – and provided marketing with a single customer view. From there, they were able to push relevant data to their various marketing platforms.


By bringing all their customer data into one place, the marketing team had a single customer view.

This enabled them to achieve better onboarding for new customers, better customer service and customer satisfaction ratings, and an overall increase in the products used and spend.

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