Privacy & Regulatory Compliance

With a privacy-centric data layer approach, brands can achieve greater mastery over first-party customer data while lowering their risk of non-compliance.

Build mandatory rules into your segments to ensure compliance

Based on your regulatory and business requirements, your data can be stored indefinitely and can be ingested into the n3 Hub Customer Data Platform without loss. In addition, the CDP can centralise your marketing preferences, and its Compliance Centre can build mandatory rules into your segments to ensure compliance with your markets’ various laws.

The n3 Hub CDP can provide snapshots, persistent segments, and detailed logging to ensure full auditability of all your marketing segments.

n3 Hub’s CDP in use

Siloed data and variety of marketing platforms


All of our clients have to comply with local and international privacy laws. However, some industries have further levels of scrutiny and compliance.

This meant running campaigns across different platforms, and media was challenging with inconsistent and generic messaging.


The n3 Hub CDP brought all their data into one place and anonymised their customer data.

This data can now be used to create highly personalised customer journeys, including email, SMS, direct mail and customer service and paid media advertising (Facebook and Google), all while ensuring they met their regulatory requirements.


Having greater use and availability of their data allowed them to better target their customers with the right message at the right time, in the right channel.

This has led to better retention of their customers, improved customer perception, and increased spending across categories.

Third party integrations

Integrate with industry leading platforms

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