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Share first party data with paid media platforms to improve targeting and enrich your data.

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Use the n3 Hub CDP to share segments derived from first party data with paid media platforms to improve targeting and enrich it with other online and offline data.

As third-party cookies become less effective first party data becomes vital to your paid media program. The n3 Hub Customer Data Platform allows you to be able to leverage that data to retain the ability to target effectively in paid media.

The n3 Hub CDP provides a secure place to store, segment and share your first party customer data with advertising platforms, meeting privacy compliance while enabling cross-channel and cross-site personalisation. By bringing customer data, point of sale, offers, sentiment and product information together in a Single Customer View, the n3 Hub CDP generates segments that can then be uploaded directly into Google, Facebook, LinkedIn etc to create custom audiences that let you retarget customers with relevant, consistent and personalised content.

n3 Hub’s CDP in use

Siloed data and variety of marketing platforms


One of our customers did not have a single customer view as their data was siloed.

While they could achieve some level of personalisation they were unable to deliver consistent messages across their various platforms and channels or personalised journeys.


The n3 Hub CDP brought all their siloed data into one place to create a Single Customer View.

The CDP made it easy integrate with their existing platforms so they could share segments that were highly targeted and used insights from multiple sources.

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Having a Single Customer View allowed them to create highly personalised experiences for their customers with the right message at the right time, in the right channel.

It also meant they knew exactly where they customers were and reduced their spend by not targeted them with the wrong message on media like Facebook and Google.

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