Offline & Online Audiences

Merge your Offline and Online audiences to create a unified Single Customer View.

Improve customer experience across all channels

Using the n3 Hub CDP, you can merge your online and offline audiences to create a unified Single Customer View. Either import your existing audiences from your web analytics platform or deploy the n3 Hub CDP’s tracking pixel or API to import and keep your online audiences up to date.

Combining online and offline audiences increases your segmentation and personalisation options and improve your campaign targeting indirect and paid media channels.

n3 Hub’s CDP in use

Merging Online and Instore customers to create loyal shoppers


With the advent of digital, our customer could not connect their online and in-store loyalty programmes in a meaningful way, leading to poor customer experience and loyalty.


By implementing the n3 Hub, within a matter of months, we merged their in-store loyalty programme with their customers’ online purchases to create a single customer view and improve customer experience.

Not only that, but they were able to see in-store customers that were shopping online and checking out as “guests” – again, they were able to join that record together to understand their customers better and evaluate their loyalty.


It has improved customer experience in-store and online and a higher conversion rate of online sales.

Third party integrations

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