Offer Decisioning

Deliver optimal offers or content to your customers

The n3 Hub Customer Data Platform creates a Single Customer View by bringing all of your data from multiple sources into one place. It integrates with your existing MarTech platforms to ensure the right message in the right channel at the right time.

The n3 Hub’s CDP has a built-in offer/content selection algorithm to select the optimal offer or content to place in front of each of your customers.  The n3 Hub CDP’s algorithm uses all of the online and offline behaviour in its Single Customer View to drive its selections.

Increasing the relevancy of your customer communications delivers better business outcomes that can be validated using the attribution reporting enabled by the n3 Hub CDP.

n3 Hub’s CDP in use

Large product range & complex promotion calendar


A customer had an extensive range of products and a complex promotional product mix, along with regulatory requirements to meet.


By implementing the n3 Hub CDP, they pulled all their in-store and online purchase, regulatory data, preference data, and promotional data into one place.

Using an algorithm, highly targeted and relevant weekly offers are generated for their customers. The CDP takes this information and pushes it through to highly personalised emails to the customer via their existing MarTech stack.


By delivering relevant and personalised offers to customers, they saw a significant increase in customer engagement & sales in-store and online.

Third party integrations

Integrate with industry leading platforms

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