Marketing Segmentation

Create segments within the n3 Hub Customer Data Platform (CDP) to develop highly personalised, real-time customer journeys.

Highly personalised, real-time customer journeys

The n3 Hub Customer Data Platform allows you to pull all the data you need, from multiple sources into one place. By creating your Single Customer view you can create segments within the CDP to develop highly personalised, real-time customer journeys.

The n3 Hub CDP allows you to create audience segments and share them with your other marketing platforms to drive highly targeted, relevant marketing campaigns and journeys quickly and easily. You can achieve more advanced segmentation through the creation of custom attributes derived from any data in your single customer view.

n3 Hub’s CDP in use

Siloed data and variety of marketing platforms


One of our customers did not have a single customer view as their data was siloed and challenging for marketing to access.

While they could achieve some level of personalisation they were unable to deliver consistent messages across their various platforms and channels or personalised journeys. This led to disjointed customer experiences.


The n3 Hub CDP brought all their siloed data into one place to create a Single Customer View.

Now they can readily segment their customers from multiple data sources and touchpoints and share these segments with their existing MarTech stack for highly personalised customer journeys including email, SMS, direct mail and customer service and paid media advertising (Facebook and Google).


Having a Single Customer View allowed them to create highly personalised experiences for their customers with the right message at the right time, in the right channel.

This has led to better retention of their customers and improved customer perception.

Third party integrations

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