Marketing Attribution

Create segments within the n3 Hub Customer Data Platform (CDP) to develop highly personalised, real-time customer journeys.

Highly personalised, real-time customer journeys

Imagine being able to clearly, and easily see how much your marketing efforts are earning your organisation?

n3 Hub’s CDP allows you to create a Single Customer View by bringing all your data from multiple sources into one place. It has a built-in data visualisation tool to create detailed marketing attribution reporting so that you know how much your marketing programs are earning you.

The n3 Hub CDP also allows direct connection to its data warehouse and database to allow other popular data visualisation and BI tools to be used on the data it holds.

n3 Hub’s CDP in use

Siloed data and variety of marketing platforms


Our client was running many campaigns but had no centralised reporting.

While they could report on aspects of campaigns, pulling all the data into one report was time-consuming and relied on other departments.


The n3 Hub CDP brought all their siloed data into one place.

By bringing all their data from multiple sources into one place, they could quickly utilise the built-in data visualisation tool to create detailed marketing attribution reporting.


By having clear Marketing Attribution reporting, they could make changes to their campaigns and focus their efforts.

By focusing their efforts on channels that were performing better than others, they have seen a lift in sales from their existing customers.

Third party integrations

Integrate with industry leading platforms

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