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Every marketing team needs a CDP

At n3 Hub, we offer our market-leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) and a full range of deployment, configuration and optimisation services that help you get the most out of your investment.

As our CDP customer, you can stitch together all your different data sources into a Single Customer View (SCV) with minimal effort and use the data it provides to create segments for better, faster, more targeted decision-making. You can also gather data directly from digital sources using our CDP’s native tag and data acquisition API to further reduce integration costs and complexity.

Free your creativity (and your IT team)

Extracting quality marketing data shouldn’t be rocket science. Let the n3 Hub create a Single Customer View (SCV) for you. Data is continuously gathered and processed to build a detailed model of your customers, as both individuals and groups. These can then be segmented and shared with your existing marketing platforms and tools.


Data is drawn from multiple sources and formats including first, second and third-party as well as offline and online sources to create a single marketing view of the customer.


Visualise your customers in a single view in a group or individually. Set rules and algorithms to create new customer insights and marketing opportunities.


Create, edit and remove segments to target individual customers with the right message, at the right time, through the right channel.


Share your segments, attributes and customer data with your existing marketing tools, to run your multi-channel campaigns.


The feedback loop brings your customer data, including spend and behaviour attribution, back into the Hub for attribution reporting and ROI.


Automate key campaign management processes. For example, the first 90 days on-boarding journey and product renewals.

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Scenario: Create a Single Customer View (SCV)

On the surface, the customer journey is a simple concept – you develop a product, and your customer buys it.

With advancements in technology redefining the way consumers connect with brands, the customer journey is becoming increasingly complex. Learn about the facts and perils of unconnected customer data.

Scenario: Converting website traffic into revenue

Disconnected customer data often leads to wasted time and money on non-convertible targets.

Explore how, with the right tools and a single view of your customers, you can identify the data you need to optimise conversion.

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Flexibility meets simplicity

The n3 Hub CDP has the flexibility to draw data from virtually anywhere and share segments to any marketing platform.

  • The platform is highly customisable and flexible to respect your business rules
  • Makes it easier to comply with EU GDPR and protect PII
  • Our CDP is platform agnostic, so you can enhance your preferred tools and avoid Marketing Cloud lock in
  • Based on your regulatory and business requirements your data can be stored indefinitely, and can be ingested into our CPD without loss
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