Lead Scoring

Identify high-priority leads easily and create the next best action by having a single customer view.

Identify high priority leads with a single customer view.

Use the n3 Hub CDP’s built-in scoring feature to assign scores to each customer based on their online and offline behaviours to create the next best action for the customer.

Knowing which customers are your “hottest leads” allows you to focus your marketing and sales efforts on the right customers at the right time about the right things to improve your business outcomes.

n3 Hub’s CDP in use

Siloed data and variety of marketing platforms


One of our customers was replacing an existing analytics platform and needed to manage leads based on sales team capacity.

As customers could come through various channels and be interested in several products and services, our client needed to prioritise leads for their sales team.


The n3 Hub CDP brought all their siloed data into one place to create a Single Customer View.

They could then score their customers based on their needs, quality, and eligibility. As a result, they were able to manage the capacity of their sales teams and allocate the leads accordingly. The salesperson was able to see the next best action and prioritise high-value leads.


By using n3 Hub’s Lead Scoring, our client was able to identify high-priority leads and those that had the best chance of converting.

This has led to an increased conversion rate and a lift in sales.

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