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Improve end to end campaign management

The n3 Hub Marketing Operations Platform supports marketers with their end to end campaign management. Within the platform you can easily manage the marketing campaign brief, build, proof, as well as deploy workflows and the easy collaboration of internal teams, service providers and agencies to get campaigns live.

The n3 Hub Marketing Operations Platform provides:

  • Default and customisable campaign management workflows
  • Role-based approvals
  • Role-based email notifications
  • Regulatory rule enforcement
  • Full audit trails

The Marketing Operations Platform eases the process of briefing a campaign and managing it through its approval processes while ensuring all regulatory and audit requirements are met.

Centralised Briefing

You can create a central place for all your campaign briefs with the Briefing Tool. These can be set up to notify your internal team or the n3 Hub Marketing Operations team.

The Briefing Tool provides you:

  • A centralised briefing and outline of your campaign
  • Visibility and tracking of campaign progress
  • Improved campaign management with less emails back and forth
  • Ability to set up clear processes for your team

Customisable Workflows

Utilising the Marketing Operations platform enables you to set up multiple workflows, campaigns, reporting and stages.

  • Create simple campaign dashboards for your team
  • Allocate tasks and priorities for your team
  • Assign roles and sign off processes
  • Maintain visibility and tracking throughout the campaign lifecycle

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