The ultimate Customer Communication Platform

Linking marketing automation with data security and control

The n3 Hub Customer Communication Platform (CCP) is perfect for highly regulated environments where data sovereignty and control are important.

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Get the best of both worlds

For industries where data sovereignty and control are a must, using n3 Hub’s Customer Data Platform along with a Marketing Communications Platform provides you with the best of both worlds. You will have data security & control and a powerful marketing automation platform – plus:

  • Data sovereignty – comply with the laws and governance within your region
  • Data & Infrastructure location – know exactly where your data is stored at any one time
  • Infrastructure access & control – you have direct access to your environment
  • Integration with secure &/or on-premise system

With n3 Hub, you can choose between two solutions to meet your requirements and budget:

Adobe Campaign Classic:

Adobe Campaign Classic delivers a high degree of customer engagement and great experiences. Brands must create consistent customer journeys at all touchpoints. Marketers can now efficiently design, plan, execute, manage, and optimize cross-channel marketing campaigns that deliver a high return on marketing investment and drive loyalty.

Amazon Pinpoint:

Amazon Pinpoint is a flexible and scalable outbound and inbound marketing communications service. You can connect with customers over email, SMS, push, voice or in-app messaging channels. Amazon Pinpoint can grow with you and scale globally to billions of messages per day across channels.

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Designed by marketers for marketers

The n3 Hub Customer Data Platform is designed by marketers for marketers.

The platform allows you to create a single customer view from your customer data from any source and uses that to drive cross channel, multi-step customer communication programmes to your customers using the full power of Adobe Campaign.

Get more control

Using n3 Hub’s Customer Communication Platform (CCP):

  • Ensures that all data is stored in known locations and systems at all times
  • No integrations pass beyond your organisation’s boundary
  • Access to the platform can be fully controlled by your organisation
  • Known delivery platforms can be leveraged, such as on-premise email servers
  • No limits on the types of channels that can be supported, including proprietary and organisation specific
  • All deployments are fully designed and implemented by n3 Hub staff
  • All n3 Hub staff are on shore in either NZ or Australia and are fully police vetted
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Adobe Bronze Solution Partner

n3 Hub

Your implementation partner

We’ll look at your unique requirements and challenges and build a solution that fits both the unique needs of your business and the skill level of your people. Whether it is Solution Consultant or Architecture or installation and deployment we have a team that will ensure you get the right solution for your team.

Plus, to get you up and running, our team of locally based marketing automation, website optimisation and data analysts will act as an extension of your marketing team to deliver compelling experiences to your customers.

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