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Harness your data and transform your marketing campaigns

n3 Hub’s CDP continuously gathers your customer data to build a detailed model of your customers, as both individuals and groups.

These can then be segmented and shared with your existing marketing platforms and tools.


Single Customer View     Marketing Segmentation    Paid Media Targeting    Offline & Online Audiences    Privacy & Regulatory Compliance   Marketing Attribution

Offer Decisioning   Lead Sourcing   Marketing Integration


The n3 Hub CDP brings together all of your marketing data sources into a single view, which can be easily segmented and shared with other marketing platforms.

Having a single view of all your marketing data reduces campaign delivery times, improves communication consistency and enables your data to be leveraged faster and easier.


The n3 Hub CDP allows you to quickly and easily create audience segments and share them with your other marketing platforms to drive highly targeted, relevant marketing campaigns.

More advanced segmentation can be achieved by creating custom attributes derived from any data in your single customer view.


The n3 Hub CDP allows you to share segments derived from first-party data with paid media platforms to improve targeting and enrich it with other online and offline data. 

As third party cookies become less effective, first part data becomes vital to your paid media program. The n3 Hub CDP allows you to leverage that data to retain the ability to target effectively in paid media.


Use the n3 Hub CDP to merge your online and offline audiences to create a unified single customer view. Either import your existing audiences from your web analytics platform or deploy the n3 Hub CDP’s tracking pixel or API to import and keep your online audiences updated.

Combining online and offline audiences increases your segmentation and personalisation options and improves your campaign targeting indirect and paid media channels.


The n3 Hub CDP allows you to centralise your marketing preferences and use its Compliance Center to build mandatory rules into your segments to ensure compliance with your markets various laws. 

Snapshot and persistent segments, along with detailed logging, ensures full auditability of all your marketing segments.


Use the n3 Hub CDP’s single customer view. It’s a built-in data visualisation tool to create detailed marketing attribution reporting so that you know how much your marketing programs are earning you.

The n3 Hub CDP allows you a direct connection to its data warehouse and database to allow other popular data visualisation and BI tools to be used on the data it holds.


Use the n3 Hub CDP’s built-in offer/content selection algorithm to select the optimal offer/content to place in front of each of your customers. The n3 Hub CDP’s algorithm uses all online and offline behaviour in its single customer view to drive its selections. 

Increasing the relevancy of your customer communications delivers better business outcomes that can be validated using the attribution reporting enabled by the n3 Hub CDP.


Use the n3 Hub CDP’s built-in scoring feature to assign scores to each of your customers based on their online and offline behaviours to increase your segmentation possibilities.

Knowing which customers are your “hottest” allows you to focus your marketing on the right customers and, at the right time, about the right things to improve your business outcomes.


Use the n3 Hub CDP’s built-in connectors and its highly configurable custom integration capabilities to connect all of your marketing data sources to connect your marketing platforms. This enables your single customer view to be built and the segments generated from it to be shared with your delivery platforms without the need for lengthy and costly IT integration projects.


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