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We’ve been tinkering away behind the scenes on some new developments for the n3 Hub CDP. One of the most exciting enhancements in our CDP is the new feed management tool that we already have in play with some of our clients. It eliminates the need for a third-party app to tackle this complex functionality to optimise digital paid media campaigns, allowing simple set-up within the CDP environment.

Learn more below about Feed Management and our other latest releases – Multi-Tenanting, Online & Offline Audiences and Custom Attributes.


Target Customers from their online and offline shopping behaviour
This gives you the ability to target customers that have not yet purchased a specific product either online or offline but have visited the product’s page on your website and that have purchased any other product either online or offline in the past 18 months. You can now combine this data to generate targeted Segments in our CDP. The Segment can then be shared automatically with a marketing automation platform or paid media channels to drive direct comms and targeted campaigns to the customers, encouraging them to purchase the product in question.


Set up different ‘Tenants’ for your unique brands or departments
If you’re working with different customer databases (known as Tenants) for different brands or departments within the same company, you can now house these separately within the CDP. The allows specific users to access only specific Tenants. All of the Segments and Segment templates created within a specific Tenant are only visible within that Tenant, which allows departments to have unique Segment configurations for teams to ensure that they always target the right customers.

Match your Google and Facebook merchant feeds to the right audiences
It’s now possible to generate product feeds for Google and Facebook paid media campaigns to promote any product advertising that you want to serve to targeted audiences, created from your first-party data. For example, you can now generate a Google Merchant product feed to provide alongside the customer match audiences generated by the n3 Hub CDP so that they can be targeted with Google Shopping Ads including specific products.


Feed your data directly to generate Segments faster
You can now leverage data stored in external databases in Custom Attributes without having to first import that data into the n3 Hub’s data warehouse. This makes it faster for users to generate segments from new data. This removes the need for all data stored in an organisation’s data lakes or databases to be imported into the CDP.

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